Overview: All about Google’s 2015-Plans

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

This week the search giant Google held their annual i/o developer exhibition. Here could be developers, but also technology-interested, get insight into what Google will be offering in the future. Read about the biggest news including:

Android M is officially-the 6 biggest news
The next Android M version is now a reality at the large Google i/o event. Get clued up on the 6 biggest news in the next version.

Here are all the news from Google’s keynote
Google i/o event is now kicked off. Here is the greatest news that Google presented to the 2-hour keynote.

Google Photo: stores and organizes your photos-forever
Google relaunches their Photo application as your intelligent digital photo album. See the news here.

New Google’M ‘ feature: automatic data backup of apps
A much sought after feature introduced in earnest with Google M, application data up to 25 MB can be stored on the Google Drive.

New Google App: try Virtual Reality on your iPhone [TIP]
Google Cardboard is piece of cunning cardboard: it turns your smartphone into a VR headset. Now also for the iPhone.

The week’s test and previews:

LG G Watch Urban: a failed style exercise [TEST]
LG gives his round G Watch R a facelift-but it’s not all cosmetic surgeries that have succeeded.

Sony Xperia Z3+: Our first impression [WEB]
Sony gives their absolute topmobil, Xperia Z3, a+ update. See here, where mobilsiden.dk looks at news in Z3+.