Pay Google Play without a Credit Card! Is it Possible?

So you don’t have a credit card, but you want to buy Android apps for the device? Do not worry: you do not need a credit card to buy apps on Android, buy and rent movies, read books through the Google store.

Forms of Payments that You Should Not Use in the Google Play

Before you begin, there are certain payment methods that Google explicitly says that you should not use.These payments do not give guarantees on their payments, and can be problematic, and can make you up a victim of fraud.

The list includes: bank transfers, credit cards, virtual, Western Union and the services that simulate the cards. When dealing with fraud, those are the leaders, reason why Google usually do not accept these methods of payments.

Buy Credits at Google Play: Gift Card

A way to buy paid apps without a credit card is by using the gift cards Google to put some money in to your Google account. In most countries, these can be purchased in convenience stores, supermarkets and even in online stores.

Reload Google Play

Works more or less like the gift card, but it is easier. In merchants, you can pay a value for X (usually a multiple of$5) and load up your Google wallet. It is similar to the loading of a pre-paid mobile phone. The value of the recharge can be used within Google Play, normally.

Pay Google Play Via PayPal

Anyone who has PayPal account can use the account balance to pay for the applications, credits, and other products in Google Play. As PayPal accepts transfers from banks and financial institutions, it is possible to pay the Google Play without having to use a credit card.

For now, there are only those types that Google accepts as payment. Do not use credit cards virtual to pay for apps on Google Play, or you can end up being a victim of a scam or financial fraud.

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