Solar Charger for Mobile Phone Work?

Due to technological advances in society, our smartphone is getting lighter, smaller, and more intelligent. So, the smartphones are getting easier to use. The growth in the use of mobile phones is mainly driven by downloads, social networking, navigation, and apps, making it keep your smartphone and other devices charged up always a necessity. But how to do this in the modern world, where we forget to constantly charge our batteries portable? The answer may be in a charger of solar energy for smartphones.

What is a Charger of Solar Energy?

You basically open up your charger in the sun and connect the charger cable to your phone, pointing the small solar panel to the sky. Your smartphone should be protected from the sun, but the charger must be exposed to maximum sunlight. Friendly, convenient, and energy-saving power supply, the charger of solar energy will ensure that your devices always have a charge guaranteed in sunny days.

Solar Charger Worth?

The charger of solar energy not only gives your phone the power it needs but also saves the cost of buying multiple batteries or extra cables to charge your smartphone wherever you are. But to ensure that you do not get on hand on rainy days, it is good to follow our tips to pick up a solar charger that actually worth.

Tips on How to Choose a Phone Charger Solar

Your personal requirements determines which types of phone charger solar that best fits you. I have compiled some of the key factors for your reference when selecting a phone charger and solar preferred.

Charging capacity of the solar charger

Different devices have different features, and most of them are loaded directly from the battery, not all of them have the same relationship with the panel. Therefore, the battery size, type, and the output global for each device are as important as the panel.

Details of the solar panel

Efficiency is a good indicator of quality. Physically, the efficiency of the panel depends, in part, on the type of use of solar panels. The majority of solar chargers for mobile phones in the market are the first generation of crystalline silicon. Are great in generate electricity, even in low light conditions solar.


One of the main factors to buy a phone charger and solar is the portability.
If the device is much larger than your mobile phone for your daily use this is not good, but it is great for charging your phone. The larger chargers phone solar are designed around the durability with metal frames, panels thick, and materials recycled and friendly to the environment. Be careful with the more inexpensive ones with a large capacity. Many times they spoil fast and will never disappoint in a short time.

After-sales service

How long is the warranty of the product? How to get in contact with customer service if you have a problem post-sale? Well, it is important to know the rules of the after-sales service of the seller before you buy it. As more product information is available you know, best after-sale service you will get.

Prefer models with batteries included

The best charger by solar power include a battery to store energy. This will ensure that even on rainy days or cloudy you can leave your loaded device to provide power to your smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

Disadvantages of Chargers for Phone, Solar

The biggest disadvantage is that your charger solar powered can’t continue working on a cloudy day or cloudy, of course. Because, it needs direct sun to store enough in the battery and to operate efficiently. So, it is good to choose an efficient model with an internal battery of quality to always have power available.

Have already chosen a charger of mobile phone by solar energy? Which model they thought best?