Sony Xperia E5: 169-Euro Phone in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Sony Xperia E5 is a 5-inch entry-level Smartphone with some honest design. Compared to the only around 50 euros more expensive Sony Xperia XA with its narrow frame of display, the E5 does not necessarily proves to catcher After all, its quad-core processor (1.30 ghz) brings enough pace for everyday Smartphone and its 13-megapixel camera provides a pretty good photo quality at least during daylight hours. Best price on the Internet: 138,50 EUR * order this product at Amazon via microsd card to up to 200 GB per storage expandable 13 megapixel main camera handy construction for usable daylight shots right bright and sharp display counter only 9.6 GB 16 GB internal memory nominally free some unsophisticated design battery not changeable satisfactory assessment of editorial users rating now evaluate quite a ruckus to the Sony Xperia E5 existed before its official presentation : Only pictures on the Japanese company’s Facebook page showed up, suddenly they were gone again. Shortly after there was an official presentation in which Sony announced suddenly that the new entry-level Smartphone 2016 appears in the third quarter, at the price of cheap 200 euro. Ultimately, the one dough device was available even earlier than announced. Visually, Sony with the Xperia E5 a little by the 2015 published predecessor Xperia E4 is removed. So the designers have dispensed with, for example, the Xperia typical silver power button. Instead, the E5 wrapped in plastic is a comparatively discreet-designed Smartphone.

Sony Xperia E5 at Aldi Nord in the range

The Sony Xperia E5 there from November 10th when Aldi Nord for 169 euro. The best deal on the Internet including shipping costs is also 169 euros according to idealo. Who so reluctantly waits for the package delivery service and rather goes to the nearest Aldi store nearby, can confidently at the discount store strike.

5 inch only with HD resolution

Not more really timely: the 5-inch screen (diagonal: 12.7 centimeters) with its slightly dusty HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) is only an image density of 295 ppi. Everyday, but virtually no blur on the screen stand out despite missing full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). You can consider themselves even without distracting pixelation on the display itself greatly magnified photos. Overall display of the Xperia E5 but looks a bit to dark.

13-mega pixel camera with light and shadow

The main camera, take photos with a maximum resolution of 13 megapixel. The front camera takes self portraits with at least 5 megapixels. Photos, resulting in good light conditions, show quite a usable quality. This applies equally for the captured colours and details. But take in the lens (even indirectly), the recording is hard to use (see test image above). Who wants to use his E5 for pictures in the dark, should set also on more disappointing results. Many details are blurred in the noisy recordings. It clouds the joy of looking at much. The camera of the device rotating videos at 1080 p (full HD) resolution. The recordings could be at least on the 5-inch screen of the Smartphone well see. You, however, transfers it to a flat-screen TV, show them the weakness of an and other quality, but not entirely useless.

Sony Xperia E5: impressions of the 200-euro phone

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Everything under the cover remains: no removable battery

Think gone are the days in which Sony devices the battery change can: the 2,700 mah storage of the Xperia E5 is built-in like the Xperia XA. The E5 with a full battery charge Smartphone typically lasted a tight day without interim charge in practice with regular use of Internet, E-Mail, social networks, photo and video. Another sticking point is the small device memory: 16 gigabytes to find according to Sony the E5 square. But only 9.67 GB free of charge remain over in practice. Android 6.0 occupies the rest. The small troubled memory makes but beef up thanks to a microsd card door to up to 200 gigabytes (GB) is enough space for photos, videos or apps.

Lies well in the hand

That 14, 4 x 6, 9 x 8, 2 cm large Xperia E5 largely is conveniently situated in the hand. Only something sucks the approximately one millimetre high upstand at the front of the device. The matte and reasonably non-slip back is slightly rounded at the edges that flatters the hand. Speaking of which: The Xperia is almost easily operated with one hand. Because the e-5 with only two hardware buttons (on/off, loud/quiet) must come out, missing about a fingerprint sensor and also a photo button. After all, who serves on / off button for quick capturing of screenshots (screenshots). This can create the button with just one click. So a website can be about fast times capture or document the score when a Smartphone game.

LTE & co.: Flott is the E5

Übertragungstechnisch is the Xperia but up to date. Make sure:
Details Sony Xperia E5 Measures 144 mm x 69 mm x 8.2 mm Weight 147 Grams Processor Mediatek MT6735 (4 x 1,30 ghz) Memory 16 GB (freely available: 9.67 GB) Display 5 Inch (720 p, HD Resolution)) 2,700 of mah Camera Battery rear 13 MP Camera front 5 MP

Sony Xperia E5: solid drive under the hood

Works In the Xperia E5 a quad-core processor. The mediatek MT6735 with 1.30 ghz clocking. He knew quite pleased in the practice. Examples: The camera started quickly, almost all menus were calling themselves without any significant delays, Web pages were quickly built, and the Xperia coped well with more expensive apps. In comparison to the Xperia XA the E5 is back but clearly in the Antutu benchmark tests. It comes to 32.251 points, the XA to 48.079 points. But this is only a maximum average value. 1.38 GB memory (nominally 1.5 GB plug into the Sony RAM) are the mediatek to the page. As a graphics chipset is a Mali T720. In the graphics benchmark GFX opengl which reached only a score of 186.4 frames. Compared to the slightly more expensive (around 210 euros) Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016er version) on 393,9 frames comes. In practice, but even more advanced Android games were largely liquid and without jerks on the Xperia E5.

Final with waterproof!

With the launch of its X series Sony of one the largest figureheads of the own Smartphone range has deleted: what the Xperia-Z devices loosely put away, namely dives up to 1.50 m deep fresh water for up to 30 minutes, the Xperia E5 would be wiped out. It flooded plain and simple. In this discipline, some now cheaper devices of Z kinship points about the Xperia-Z-compact series. The Z5 compact and the Z3 Compact are an alternative but not only in this respect. Are more powerful, but less than 200 euros more is the mini-Z5 from 359 euro (stand: 8 November 2016).

Sony Xperia E5: price and availability

The Sony Xperia E5 is now available in white and black (graphite) and costing from 169 euro (stand: 8 November 2016). The Sony device in the entry-level is oriented with its starting price of 200 euros. The much nicer metal Smartphone Xperia XA is only around 50 euro expensive as the cheapest offer. The big brother of the two, the Sony Xperia X offers in turn significantly more like full-HD resolution, 23-mega pixel camera and Snapdragon-650 processor. It costs but also about 370 euro.