Sony Xperia XZ in the Test: Successful Comeback?

Test conclusion: what you should know

Sony is back, convincing the rounded design, high-end hardware, and the high resolution camera. But a potential stumbling block could be the ambitious price. Models such as the oneplus 3 offer similar facilities almost for half of the money. Best price on the Internet: 517,00 euro * this product at Amazon order promising camera Pro fast high-end hardware store makes good great photos cheap battery not changeable no dual SIM device in Germany test note of the editorial 2.29 with microsd expandable counter high selling price user rating now evaluate to Sony’s letter salad (X instead of Z) great was the confusion even at Smartphone experts. Is the legitimate successor to the Z5 now the solid Xperia X or the disappointing X performance? At the end, it has become the new Xperia XZ. Is everything okay now? our site has become Sony’s newest top of the line snapped and extensively tested.

Sony Xperia X Compact: Mini-Smartphone in the Test

Confusion of model and design with curves

Why? This monosyllabic question fragrances wonder himself the largest smartphone expert on the big, wide world of tech. Why Sony only decorates its established Smartphone Division with a new name of X instead of Z and ensures the complete model confusion even within a very short time? Since may, the Japanese the XA, X, X have released performance and now the XZ. To do this, even the smaller X compact joins. Since it costs hard to keep still. But it is worth taking at Sony’s latest top model! After the old manner of counting the XZ replaces the Z5 and it cuts a fine figure. With the noticeably rounded sides, the latest addition to the Sony sets itself apart from the last somewhat deadlocked, edgy design language. The XZ gives a fine effect. The painted frame but only a mixture of metal and plastic consists of aluminium, the back. It feels not quite so high-quality and is also rutschiger as bare metal. The new Xperia survived the fall into a puddle yet: according to IP 68 standard, the XZ is completely water – and dust-proof. In the outdoor swimming pool should not take but it, like at Samsung & co. Cheminische additives in the truest sense are poison for the Smartphone.

Sony Xperia XZ: Sony new flagship in pictures

Display: no courage to 4 K

To face the user gets a 5.2-inch display that resolves performance like the X in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). This is ppi pleasantly sharp eye at an image point density of 424, for use in a VR cardboard frame that is clearly too little. An equally amazing how strange decision of the Japanese who were still to the 4K-Bildschirm in the Sony Xperia Z5 premium a year ago for a crisp sharp novelty in the Smartphone universe. Some more pixel courage in the display would have done well the XZ especially when looking at it with 699 euro big falling price tag. Otherwise, the new Sony in the major disciplines of the display are no nakedness: brightness? Enough for sunny summer evenings! Contrast and colour reproduction? Go for LCD conditions OK, does that make still better in the S7 edge and oneplus 3 competition. Apparently, the overall better (AM) OLED panels for the Japanese are currently (still) not an option. What a pity! Especially since Sony in the TV world of playing in the premier class, does not use these possibilities with the new flagship Smartphone. Ein Highlight sind dagegen die beiden Lautsprecher, die am oberen und unterem Ende frontal eingesetzt sind und die für einen überraschend raumfüllenden Stereo-Klang sorgen.

Details Sony Xperia X Sony Xperia X Performance Sony Xperia XZ Sony Xperia X Compact Maße 143 mm x 69 mm x 7,9 mm 143,7 mm x 70,4 mm x 8,7 mm 146 mm x 72 mm x 8,1 mm 129 mm x 65 mm x 9,5 mm Gewicht 156 Gramm 165 G 161 grams 135 grams processor Snapdragon 650 Hexa-core 64 bit Snapdragon 820 octa-core 64 bit Snapdragon 820 octa-core 64 bit Snapdragon 650 Hexa-core 64 bit memory 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB display 5 inch full HD 5.0 inch full HD 5.2 inch full HD 4.6-inch HD 2620 mah 2700 mah 2900 mah 2700 mah camera back 23 MP 23 MP 23 MP 23 MP camera front 13 MP 13 MP 13 MP 5 MP

Technology: Steamy under

Technically X performance and the XZ differ that hardly. In both, a freewind 820, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon slumbers current top processor. The four cores beats 2.15 gigahertz, the pace of work is correspondingly high. In the Sony-typically something customized Android 6.0.1 surface not jerky. For this, the 3 gigabyte memory offer sufficient air when running multiple apps and complex 3D games.

Camera: sensor tastier cocktail

Thanks the 32 gigabyte large memory 21,74 gigabytes are really usable, is enough space for photos. Who would like to develop photographically completely free, should create additional storage space on the microsd compartment. And you will also need above all enthusiast! It is the new 4K-Videomodus, which captures a particularly high resolution videos and quickly gobbles up vast amounts of gigabytes. In the photos, which left 12-megapixel front- and 23-megapixel rear camera a positive impression. Test shots in bright places appears sharp and colorful. And photos in bad light were not as noisy as the other smartphones. Sony may be finally meet his high camera right. The Japanese with the committed deliberate advance auto focus, laser focus and an additional sensor for better white balance on a promising sensor cocktail. Also there: A professional mode, which leaves the manual setting force have the ISO and shutter speed setting the photographer. The function is known already by Samsung and Huawei smartphones and long overdue at Sony. However the diversity allows wishes left the competition offers more customization options. Too bad: An optical image stabilizer (OS) is absent. Sony regulates the vibrations after as before electronic (steady shot), but more recently with all major axes (left, right, up, down, diagonally, and wobble). In the test the Verwacklungsversuche were comparatively calm achieved but not the level of OS, the iphone 6S plus.

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A thumb for more security

And what else the Xperia XZ? All kinds of technology from the upper class! For the first time, Sony built the new USB standard type C. False attached a cable to the past. Who is this data transfer via USB cable hoped a speed advantage, is a disappointment. The transfer rate as stuck on most smartphones in the USB 2.0 standard in the years. For this, the 2,900-milliamp hour battery can be enclosed with the quick charger charge in around one and a half hours. Battery life reaches a solid result that doesn’t make Samsung with the S7 edge then under intensive use for 10 hours and 20 minutes. Another special feature: The power button on the side also serves as a fingerprint sensor. The unusual position of the scanner may seem unusual at first, sits of security aides but otherwise mostly front at the home button or on the back. To use your thumbs to unlock, one smiles at the Launcher without delay.

Sony Xperia XZ: prices and availability

Sony makes good to pay its new Smartphone: from mid-October the Xperia XZ for 699 euros in blue, black and a color mix of white and silver is available. 5.2 inches are too big who themselves should Sony’s second IFA novelty, the Xperia X compact a closer look at. The 4.6-inch Smartphone costs 200 euros of less, but uses the same rear camera.

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