SP – Transit to Living by the Phone!

One of the main advantages of a mobile phone on other electronic equipment communication is its mobility. This means that you can use your phone in any place, at any time, whether inside a car, in the bathroom, on the subway or wherever your imagination will allow.

Taking applications for the more unusual, the mobile phone can be of great help to the move of the car in the big cities. As the traffic in são paulo and other large cities is increasingly complicated, it is good to know how is the traffic in the city before you leave home and choose the best way to get less congestion.

In a recent article here on the site the matter was an application that showed the traffic in BH on Android, with all the cameras BHTrans available for consultation. Now is the time of transit on the streets and roads of São Paulo to receive an interesting application.

The application Eye in the Road is free and has versions for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. It is much simpler to use than the other option of sign in on the websites of the operators of the transit to check the cameras.

The Eye on the Road shows the real-time traffic on the roads of the state of Espírito Santo, Paraná, and São Paulo. There are cameras of the following roads, among others:

  • Raposo Tavares
  • Immigrants
  • Tamoios
  • Bandeirantes
  • Anchieta
  • Anhanguera

In each update are added to new cameras, leaving the program even more complete.

It is the type of application that you put on your smartphone and use nearly every day when you get out of the house. When it does not help to avoid the traffic, if you are stopped inside of the car hoping he serves to lessen the anxiety by knowing what is happening to the front, where there is a camera.

You can download the version for iOs (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or Android, through the Android Market. If you prefer you can perform a direct search for the name of the application directly on the mobile phone.

The official web site of the application Eye in the Road, which has other information about the app.