Telenor Switches the Director out of Denmark

Telenor Denmark sends Director to Sweden for a top job and gives the directorship passed on to the Danish top manager.

Telenor Denmark gets new ceo, according to Marek Slacik, who has been on record since 2012, continues his career in the worldwide business as market Director at Telenor Sweden.

To carry the record in Denmark’s Jesper Hansen recruited, which already has many years of experience in Telenor Denmark. Over the past 15 years, he has been a regular part of the management team in Telenor and has experience from almost all areas of responsibility. 

“We needed a strong candidate to complete the composition of the Swedish Executive Board. We have therefore recruited Marek Slacik, who have built up solid go-to-market skills from challenging markets like Serbia and Denmark. This reshuffle has been possible due to the fact that Marek has a strong replacement in Telenor Denmark, and I feel very comfortable with leaving the directorship to Jesper Hansen, “ says Kjell-Morten Johnsen Executive Vice President.

Jesper Hansen joins the 1. August of this year and will in future work on getting Telenor to stand out from the market’s other telcos by providing good service, as we also have been working on for several years in advance.

Marek Slacik which are now forwarded to Sweden, sat on the Director’s Chair, while Telenor made the big merger with Telia’s network. The merger is still awaiting to be approved by the EU, according to Kjell-Morten Johnsen.