The Stays Le out Faces to Movistar: 26 Millions of Euros of Fine

Permanence. A word that many hate but that operators use both, and it is that on many occasions they make us pay for a mobile phone or better conditions in their rates guaranteeing our tenure at the company, under the threat of large penalties by Dales sit-in.

But maybe now operators will think it is a little better before applying indiscriminate stays. And is that the CNMC has announced the imposition of a fine of 26 million euros to Movistar by the stays that applied to small business customers in its Premium contracts special SME.

Movistar with the Premium contracts special SME strategy was very clear: in Exchange for discounts on rates the operator did sign their clients initial stays of 12, 18 or 24 months. Until there all normal, but such stays are autorrenovaban and also the penalty in case of breaching them grew with the passage of time, rather than go down.

This practice has been considered by the controller as a violation of the law on defense of competition and of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union. More specifically the CNMC considers that the performance of Movistar restricting competition, be costly snatch customers by other operators, taking into account also that the market share of the operator in this segment is greater than in the residential market.

Putting the permanences coto

It has been long time in which users and various associations have asked it to put preserve to the permanence. Its existence is justified in certain cases (strong grants of terminals for example) but more obscure practices of operators are the penalties which apply to those who do not comply with their commitment.

Little justifiable amounts or that they fall very slowly with the passing of time have been, and partly remain, quite common in this sector, so that the fine the cnmc It should serve as a warning for all operators.