Tinder Cooperates with Music Service Our Site

Music combines the thought also the dating app Tinder, now doing together with the our site music streaming market leader. Thanks to the cooperation users can link their our site account in future to the Tinder app and find like-minded so Flirtwillige about their taste in music.
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With scan function

With the new feature, users have the option to display a selection of their favourite music in your Tinder profile. Willing to flirt can play then briefly tracks for your personal hit list, to get an idea. So potential partners should be even better on similar preferences recognize.

A love song, a song that you love…

Tinder users can also set their favorite song as the anthem in their profile. This function is also all available to those who have a Our site account. So that the new feature displays potential partners with a similar music taste to users, the Our site accounts of those involved must however combined with Tinder be

Tinder is expanding its service

Tinder builds up gradually in 59 countries worldwide the new function and will thus immediately start. The new partnership with Our site is the latest in a series of collaborations with the Tinder is expanding its dating service. Until end of July 2016, the service had introduced the new function of Tinder-social.

As tinder in the grip of you have