Topman Baby of Their Own Origins in This Fall Lookbook

Happy to see things well done. After a start of unstoppable fall, started in November with one of the lookbooks most anticipated. Few firms I find so few drawbacks as a Topman and, if we read regularly, you will understand how excited we’re seeing the new proposed logo of British-style ship. For this fall, Topman baby of their own origins.

The photographs that make up the lookbook are maintained to detail, transmitting the essence cool and sophisticated brand. Far from impossible prints that recently we were surprised, Topman returns to put your feet on the ground and committed to what it has never failed: style one hundred one hundred british.

The Skinny trousers It stands as undisputed king of Topman (if that ever stopped being so), taking its narrow end and combining with coats, shirts and sweaters with a point discreetly width. How you combine the form-fitting of the skinny with more loose upper garments? I really like the contrast.

Attention to the sleeves that has the jersey in the next picture. We are moving a little more on the concept of wide section above and add an element that seemed completely forgotten: wide cuffs. Sure everyone remember when in the mid-90s, the ideal was carry the shirts with sleeves given, so the fists to cover the hands. Are you ready to return to this fashion?

How about Topman lookbook for this fall? You helped to catch any other idea? It has seemed to me a very simple lookbook that cash, given all the limelight that deserves to clothing. When the style clothes gives it, less is the continent, do not you think?