Try Apple Watch, Oculus Rift and Google Glass Tomorrow

Have you tried the wild virtual reality technology where you live you completely into the games, or Google Glass-frames? If not, then you have a chance tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 4. June, you can free try their hand with the special virtual reality glasses, Oculus Rift from the Oculus VR and Gear VR from Samsung and the aforementioned.

It is in the equestrian Hall, Aarhus, where you can sample a lot of funny gadgets as part of Internet Week Denmark, who this week is in full swing. It is the local game developers, Kanda, who carries Samsung’s spectacle, while Creative Vikings arrive with, among other things, the Oculus Rift.

Google Glass-frames, as with a small lens magnifies a picture up in your field of vision is also to find, just as you can fly with drones and test robots.

Software developers have several interesting wearables with. You can also find a Moto 360-and Apple Watch-clock later in the evening, the latter of which cannot yet be bought here in Denmark.

The program for tomorrow

Tomorrow’s program is according to Facebook-page spread out throughout the day, so you have a chance to experience at least some of the exciting gadgets:

  • 10-20: Radartable,, DJ-music-mix-installation, CAVI Center
  • 10-20: Digital Neighbourhoods-see how we as citizens can be active in urban development
  • 12-21: Coding Pirates-come and play with robots, build your own with Tag pirates
  • 12-18: Runerod, Scratch, Design of games & video, e-skolermidt-try the easily available tools and code your own game
  • 12-18: CO2 Calculator, VIA University College-you can measure your sandwiches CO2
  • 17-19: Demo of drones-flying robots upon us! Come and fly with
  • 19-21: Wearables, Creative Vikings-Apple Watch for the adults, the Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality to those who never become adults.
  • 19-21: Gaming. Game world can do more than just entertain. Exciting presentation about games in all aspects of everyday life. And is dangerous to the computer games or awesome? Give your opinion!